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Graphics Designing

Graphics Designing Course in Lahore Pakistan with Practical Training on actual tasks.



Audio / Video Editing

Video Editing Course is very interesting and career making topic. Anyone can bcecome a professional with good practice and exposure. Media


2D & 3D Animation / Visual Effects

Best Platform for Learing 2D & 3D Animation / Visual Effects. Its best Computer Collge in Lahore for 2D and 3D Animation Learning with Professional Trainers.

  • 3D Animation
  • 3Ds Max
  • VFX



Character Animation Maya

If you are interested for Maya or 3D Maya & MAX course in Lahore? Do you absolutely love creating? If that’s your calling, Media Graphics brings you the best 3D Animation Courses in Lahore Pakistan. Maya is a popular software to draw 3D solutions for the visual effect artists and animation creators. Visual content created on Maya has vast applications for film, TV, games and simulations of different kinds.

We have air-conditioned and well decorated environment couples up with our thoroughly designed Maya and 3D Max Courses in Lahore city. Our course is based on three levels. Basic level for the beginners, middle level for those with a little background and advanced level once your base is properly developed.


Web Designing Training Course in Lahore Pakistan

Learn Website Designing at Professional Level

  • Basic Architecure
  • HTML
  • Template Designing in Photoshop
  • CSS ( PSD to CSS )
  • How to Use J-Query in DIVs
  • How to Use JAVA Scripts in DIVs
  • Template Designing in Photoshop
  • Bootstrap Responsive CSS
  • Final Project
  • Click to view Actual Clients Work



Digital Graphics & Printing

Graphic Design Essentials is a short program offered at ISDI which equips professionals with the skills to create graphics for a range of mediums and platforms, be it print, the web or a mobile phone. Through the graphic designing courses, students develop their technical and analytical skills and learn to use them to create enduring concepts and designs. The world-class program gives students the analytical tools to understand audiences and the technical expertise in areas such as typography, colour theory, design principles and styling to make their work stand out.

  • Vector & Bitmap Concepts
  • Corel DRAW
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Final Project


Film Making & Drone

Film making is a complete presentation of your visuals, arts, concepts and ideas. Here in pakistan is excellent type of talent for this topic. So we recommend to enter in this field for getting too much confidence and present yourself what you are. We definately are training to new generation in Film Making and relevant accessories. Just join us for having training of Film Making in Lahore Paksitan.

Media Graphics is Pakistan’s first Drone College. Teaching the future Drone Pilots, Photographers, Commercial users & hobbyists in how to fly, operate & use a drone.



MS-Office ( IT Course )

MS Office | IT Course | Basic Office Package | Computer Training etc. are the same thinkgs that we will delivering here. You will be able to handle all documentation relevant to business communication in your Business and also in different type of jobs. Students of School and College will be able to get command on there Computer Subject just in short period of time and can make there school assighments and notes there. We will teach these tools ...

  • MS Windows
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Power Point
  • Inpage (Urdu / Arabic) Typing
  • Relevant Assignments


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About Media Graphics

We are the most Reputed Professional Training Institute in the Lahore Pakistan.

Media Graphics is a standard platform for professionals, academic to get outstanding knowledge, quality exposure, and immaculate scope to reach to their target position. At Media Graphics the faculty members are vision driven and are inspired with a passion for teaching – a drive that makes them prestigious and outstanding. The faculty members at Media Graphics functions as mentors and facilitators, making learning interactive experience and more enhancing.The Institute also invites people from the corporate sector and academic field as visiting and guest faculty to share their experiences with the students.

Media Graphics was established in Pakistan in 2019 and launched in Lahore, Pakistan in 2020 as a Professional Training Centre registered with WebSymentic. Media Graphics has become a phenomenon in the field of Graphics, Video Editing, Film Making & Media Communication courses. All our courses are taught by industry professionals, which mean that over the last 20 years in the Lahore, Media Graphics has built a comprehensive panel of faculty to share their experiences with our students. Really its best Video Editing Learning Center in Lahore Pakistan with Graphics and Creative attitude.


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Video Editing, Film Making, Multimedia Productions, Drone Skills, Video Animation and Character Animations are the fields for making your Career here. Let's Join Video Editing Training Institute in Lahore i.e. Media Graphics