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WiLCOM ( Textile Embroidery Training in Lahore )

Become a Textile Digitiazer and Creater in WiLCOM. Professionals in WiLCOM Training for Digitizing the Textile Embroidery. Wilcom Embroidery Training Course in Lahore Pakistan.

  • Software Review
  • Basic Drawing
  • Pattern Making
  • Sample Sketching
  • Digitizing / Punching
  • Advanced Digitizing
  • PSequin / Cross Stitch
  • Sample / Sketch Punching
  • Stitch Handling
  • Needle Setting
  • Head Setting / Selection
  • Design Editing

WiLCOM Textile Embroidery in Lahore

Textile industry is rapidly growing due to the modernization, fashion and rapidly changing culture in each part of world. Media graphics is offering “Wilcom textile designing course” to keep you up to date with the astonishing skills and knowledge of textile designing to present the world of cross culture with the sense of dressing which suits their kind of life.
By joining this course with media graphics, you would be able to recognize your innate ability of sketch and paint, knitwear and will help you to work on sustainable this course, you would learn to do primary and secondary research on the ways of designing as a professional designer and artist with the real sense of innovation and creativity.
The dress designing is an art and with the help of our training, you would find the design process which is creative, investigative and rational. The generation of ideas can be aided by brainstorming of students by providing them an ultimate environment to experience the true value of their talent and we would help you out in textile designing formally and informally to become a competent in today’s world of art and fashion.